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Kid Karts & Comer C50 & C51 Engines

Our Kid Kart Engines are winning races from coast to coast and border to border...and beyond.

Our Replacement Coil for Comer Engines with Selettra Ignitions

Bergfelt's Bumpers

The most popular custom race kart bumpers in the USA!


Inlet Needle and Seat to replace Grose Jet in Mikuni Carburetors


Let us help you keep that Mikuni carburetor in action .


2-Cycle Race Kart Engine Services

Our engines are consistently top contenders in the Unlimited All-Stars

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Our 250cc and 270cc Billet Case Engine for UAS and RWYB Kart Racing




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Build a Go-Kart

BUILD A GO-KART instruction book that Mark Bergfelt wrote in the early 1980's and used in his shop classes is now available as a pdf file on CD. Only $15 and includes first class postage.

Go to this link to buy the CD cgi-bin/ webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted _button_id=K49NL4TU9YERQ

The following is an excerpt from the introduction;

"This instruction book is being made available for anyone who would like to build a go-kart but does not know where to start. Very basic metal working and welding skills are required to complete this project but this is also a great project for a person who wants to learn those skills to get started with. The equipment list that is included is a good start for the person who wants to put together their own basic metal working shop in their garage, shed or basement. Those who are already equipped to do automotive repairs or fabricating probably already have most or everything that they will need.

This book was used as part of an official public-school curriculum so it may be just the advanced project a tech-education or vocational teacher is looking for. This is also a perfect project for those who want to broaden the scope of a home-school program. I invite home-school co-ops to take a look at this project.

From 1989 to 2008 I used this book as the main blueprint for karts that my students built in school. In three schools we formed go-kart building and racing clubs. After building the karts, we made arrangements to attend kart racing “meets” where my students got to race each other. The learning that took place as a result of that is immeasurable."

Please note that access to basic welding and metal fabrication tools will be necessary to do this project. We can not be responsible for your safety. The builder must take all necessary safety precautions.